How to: Apple Accessories

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How to: Apple Accessories

Post  Mac on 4/11/2012, 4:22 am

bounce This tutorial will show you the steps I have taken to get the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic. I suggest that you follow the steps closely but, do try to use common sense as everyone's experience is different. bounce

Step 1
Pick the product you plan to SE remember the higher the price tag the harder it will be. For this tutorial I suggest the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic but, it can be any accessory.

Step 2
With the product you plan to SE in mind start to gather a bit of information about it including serial location, color, places that sell it and exact name or MN and whatever details you can get. This is important to give support the impression that you have the product in front of you.

Step 3
This is the most important part of every attempt at a SE. Make a script/guideline. Check list below, for this tutorial I have filled it in for you.
* Where did you get the product: Verizon
* Where did you try and return it: Verizon (No returns/exchange
accepted within 14 days.)
* How long ago did you get it: 4-5 Months

Step 4
Now that you have information about the product you're ready to call Apple. I use the number 800-275-2273. There’s a few more things you must know. When I call in they always give me a hard time about taking it back to Verizon always tell them you tried over the phone and in the store. They will try to tell you that they don’t take accessories back that is a lie they do. When I was told they could not take it back I said “This product says Apple on it and I called Apple and you're telling me you can’t take it back?”. Then I was asked to stay on hold while they called a Support Administrator(45 Minutes). Then I was asked for a shipping address and basic information Name, Location and product(Just the type of Headphone) after that I was told there would be a replacement sent to me.

And a receipt if necessary `

Well thats another wrap! Enjoy! How about helping me contribute more? What a Face
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