GTA V who's ready for this?

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GTA V who's ready for this?

Post  Mac on 4/11/2012, 3:15 am

bounce GTA V is gonna release on 2013 spring! bounce

Here's what rockstar games said Exclamation

When is the GTA 5 Release Date? Question
We do not have an official release date for GTA 5 yet but Rockstar Games has confirmed that it will be a Spring 2013 release. All GTA 5 Release Dates which you may have seen are guesses and speculation. Of course there's a chance someone may get it right, however many online stores are putting up dates as a way to encourage people to pre-order GTA 5 - they are not official. Rockstar Games have NOT announced an exact release date for GTA 5 yet alien .

Who's ready and excited? What do you think about the new game?! cheers
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