Another Social Engineering Basic Tips

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Another Social Engineering Basic Tips

Post  Mac on 4/11/2012, 2:11 am

Here's another basic SE Tips

1. Never ever ask for a replacement.
Your goal here to put yourself in the shoes of a really disappointed customer, not some SE-r desperate for some free stuff. Just seem disappointed, but willing to work out the issues with the company.

2. Know what's a fail and what's salvagable.
Just because the company asks for photos or the product to be sent back, doesn't mean you have failed. There's still biohazard or if you feel like you're "too el1t3" to biohazard, you can box. Just be persistent.

3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
Sometimes, it's not bad to make mistakes. You can learn a lot from them. Whenever you fail an SE, just read through the emails and find out why you have failed. Then delete them and move on. You know what you did wrong, now you can go on and correct what you have done wrong.

4. Don't be too dependent, do your own research too.
I can't stress enough how many "could you link me to unsaturated companies" posts I see. Then there's also the "can i get a method for SE-ing whatever" kind of posts. Google exists, use it. Do your own research, make your own methods, win at SE-ing.

5. The difference between asking for help and leeching.
It's one thing to message someone asking some assistance, and it's a different thing to message someone asking them to "provide" you their method. People are always willing to help, as long as they see that you're not some leecher looking for some free methods.

6. When SE-ing, try pretending to be a professional.
This is quite an underrated tip, but it works well. Of course, a customer rep would feel superior over some teenager whining about his broken headphones. However, it's a different thing when you say you were mastering an album or something when the headphones broke. You get the idea.

7. Learn to use correct grammar and spelling.
'English is not my first language' is not an excuse, it's not my first language as well yet my English is fine. Sure, some grammar and spelling mistakes here and there are fine. But it's harder to be taken seriously by companies if your grammar and spelling is screwed (or if you type like a cunt). There are guides to better grammar all over the internet, look over those. It wouldn't take more than ten minutes of your time.

8. Bitch but don't be an asshole.
Sure, be annoyed. But don't be a fucker about it. Being rude to the customer rep is not gonna get you replacements. Customer reps have shitty jobs, don't make their jobs much more shittier by treating them shitty. They're persons as well, make them feel better that they're helping you. That's how you win an SE.
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